It all began at a young age when I would hear voices and have conversations with myself or my imaginary “comforting friends”.  As a young child I had an extremely active imagination and would dream about all sorts of things. It wasn’t until around the age of six or seven, that I started to connect the dots in understanding these voices, ideas, and dreams.  For example, I learned when I heard a voice call my name, it was a warning that I needed to pay close attention to my immediate environment as something was wrong. A few examples: a pot was boiling over in the kitchen, a sibling had just fallen and hurt themselves, a friend was upset and crying.  During my middle school years, I got a sudden urge to call a close friend. We had a good chat, but later I found out that my call prevented my friend from harming themselves. In college, I had a dream that a family member was in a bad car accident. I woke up in a panic and called home to verify.  Unfortunately, a family member had been in a terrible accident totaling their car that same night, but no one was harmed. As I grew older, I slowly (and by slowly, I mean turtle speed) learned to listen and act upon my intuition. Now, in all fairness, there were some extremely clear signs that I chose to ignore throughout my life.  Looking back, the signs that I had ignored are some of my biggest mistakes.

By practicing and crafting my skills over many years and working with many different people including several mentors, I have become a Psychic Medium.  My specialty or passion is Mediumship in connecting with loved ones that have passed. My predominant modality is clairvoyance, but I use a handful of other modalities in receiving information.  With each meeting, I aim to empower your confidence and encourage you to advance in all areas of your life. These areas can include topics such as: spirituality, love, family, career, talents, health, healing, etc.  I am also highly respected for honesty and compassion in my readings. You might not like the answers I give, but those are the messages you need to hear for whatever reason. Do you need to heal from a past situation, focus on another area of your life, or look at a situation from a different point of view?  In any case, I am here to help you in becoming the best version of you!


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I was consulting Amber when she told me that my paternal grandmother, who passed away years ago, was present. I was shocked as I was never close to her in this life!  Grandmother gave me some very specific information and encouraged me to continue on my spiritual path.  She also had a message for me to deliver to my sister regarding past life choices. That day, Modern Messenger gave me an incredible gift - an unexpected visit from the past that is helping me with my future!

Jackie, Colorado

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My reading with Modern Messenger was very informative and she picked up on certain details that no one else would know. She is very clear and thoughtful with how her messages are coming across. I would recommend Amber Alyssa to anyone looking for direction in their lives.

Stephanie, Arizona

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After talking with Amber, I always feel at peace and that I am going in the right direction. Without going into what exactly she has helped me with, I will say that some issues are very serious and others are just small little things. Amber is truly amazing and so gifted.

KK, Colorado

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I was skeptical and a little fearful to begin with. However, Amber took the time to explain her process and how she works prior to my reading, putting me at ease. I was amazed at how accurate she was with even the smallest of details. Leaving my appointment, I felt a sense of peace and connectedness. I highly recommend this Modern Messenger.

Steven, Nebraska

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I've had the amazing experience of working with Amber several times. She has used her incredible gift as a clairvoyant medium for my readings. Amber uses her gift to uplift and support in an accurate, kind, and clear way. I definitely recommend Modern Messenger, and I am looking forward to having her read for me again soon.

Patty R., Arizona

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Modern Medium has the gift of putting you in a calm state as she connects with you prior to her readings. She is in tune with each person’s energy and gives clear messages. Her calmness and clarity was spot on in comparison to former readings I had. I will definitely seek her for future readings.

Sonia, Arizona

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I’ve always been curious about the metaphysical and spiritual world, but I had no idea how to find someone authentic and trustworthy until someone recommended Amber! For our first session, I start with questions about vivid, disturbing nightmares I recalled from my childhood that I knew held significance. However, looking up their meaning on websites yielded no better understanding. Not only was Modern Messenger helpful in clarifying fears I had about the dreams’ meanings, but she surprised me when she described how the themes of the dreams impacted me now, specifically my relationship with my family. Overall, she gave me reassurance that I was on the right path, even describing how I felt and what decisions I was making before I told her about them. Since then, I’ve continued my sessions with her, and each time I’ve gained so much insight into the world around me! Each time I speak with her I walk away feeling well-guided in my future endeavors.

Shayla, Montana

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I had questions about my family past and family future and wanted answers. After a session with the Modern Messenger, I was in tears finally getting answers about many unanswered questions. The details about people and circumstances were shockingly accurate. Any skepticism I had was completely erased in a matter of minutes.

Brandi, Texas

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